Columbia Wikischolars

Note to current Wikischolars users:

The Wikispaces service operated by Tangient LLC will be retired on December 1, 2018, after which time Columbia Wikischolars will no longer be accessible.

For those looking to continue their online collaborations, some alternative collaboration platforms:

  • Columbia Lionmail Drive supports group collaboration on and organization of shared documents:
  • The Columbia Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) will continue to provide online course collaboration support through Canvas and Edblogs. Please reach CTL directly for additional information on options for course wikis.
  • CUIT currently supports a wiki collaboration platform for some Columbia groups:
  • The Center for Open Science offers the Open Science Framework (OSF) as a free online scholarly web collaboration platform, with options for project management, file storage, and wiki contribution:
  • The Columbia Libraries, CUIT, and the Office of Research jointly sponsor access to an electronic lab notebook platform called Lab Archives, which offers a number of similar and related online collaboration features, free to Columbia University users:

Where can I ask questions about other options for online collaboration and digital scholarship?