Columbia Wikischolars

You can choose to set up a Columbia Wikischolars account in one of two ways: through a traditional local account associated solely with the Wikischolars platform OR by using your Columbia University UNI .

Local Wikischolars Accounts

Local accounts are only valid for Columbia Wikischolars and can be created using the Join link (top right). Any visitor to Wikischolars can create an account by simply filling out the three fields (username, password, and email) on the form. Once an account is established, the account can be invited to be a member of a Wikischolars wiki by its organizer.

Subsequent logins using local accounts should use the Sign In link (top right). Enter your Wikischolars username and password in the fields provided and click the Sign In button.

Columbia University UNI

This sign in option utilizes your Columbia University Network ID (UNI) and authenticates against Columbia's database of users. This is the preferred sign in option for members of the Columbia University community. Using this method when you sign in, will take you to the familiar Columbia sign in page.

Logging Off

To log off the Wikischolars system, use the Sign Out link at the top right of all pages. For accounts associated with a Columbia University UNI, it is also necessary to completely close your browser to insure you are signed off. This is especially important when using a shared computer in a computer lab or public kiosk.

Wikischolars Authentication Upgrade

Wikischolars recently upgraded their authentication and now offers two login options. This will help to simplify the login process and the technical support.
Columbia University Community members will still be able to login using their Columbia University Network ID (UNI), this is made possible by utilizing an open-source solution called Shibboleth.
Guests of Columbia University Wikischolars will still be able to access the site using a Local Wikischolars Account.

Where has the OpenID login option gone?

As mentioned above, we have recently updated our login options, eliminating the OpenID login options. Following are the former OpenID login options with more details about how you should now login:
  • Columbia University OpenID - Your account has been switched over to a Columbia University UNI Login account.
    • On the sign in page, select Columbia University UNI from the drop down menu. Click Sign In. On the new page enter your UNI information and click Log in.
  • Non-Columbia OpenID (i.e. Google, Yahoo, etc) - Your account has been switched over to a Local Wikispaces Login account.
    • On the sign in page, select Local Wikispaces Login from the drop down menu. Enter your username and password. and click Sign In.
      • If you do not remember your password, please use the 'Forget your password?' link on the sign in page (or this page).
      • If you do not remember you Username or Email address - please contact Columbia Wikischolars, for more help.
    • ***If you are Columbia University community member, please contact Columbia Wikischolars and we will switch your account to a Columbia University UNI Login

Additional Help

If you have any questions or difficulties with Wikischolars, please contact Columbia Wikischolars.